Now that Charlotte is really grasping the concept of reading, our daily lives have turned into a spelling bee. She is always asking someone to give her words to spell and she either recites them back or writes them down. Since she is getting half an education with remote learning, I’ve taken it upon myself to teach her a little more than she is learning on a computer. We’ve gone over words with -ck, -ch, -oo, -sh, -oy. You don’t realize how difficult it is to teach these things until you’re doing it, and I’m no teacher. But we are trying our best and 9 times out of 10 Charlotte knows when to add an -sh or a -ck to a word. She knows when to add Y to the end of a word, like play or say, and knows that boy and toy end in -oy. It’s really lovely to see how she is grasping all of this and I’m really proud of her!

And then you realize when reading and spelling can get you into trouble. Like when Charlotte came up to me the other day and said “S-H-I-T spells shit, right? It spells the bad word! It has the SH SH sound and then the I-T so it’s S-H-I-T?” And then when she asked me what f-o-o-c-k spells and I said it doesn’t spell anything and she responds with “if book has two O’s even though it has the U sound, then why isn’t the really bad word f-o-o-c-k?” S-H-I-T indeed.

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