I truly do not even know when the last time I wrote was. It’s crazy how every single day feels like the same endless abyss but then before you know it weeks have gone by and yet you’ve still accomplished nothing. BUT I accomplished getting Mackenzie to sleep in her crib all night AND for naps, so at least that’s something. I mean she still hasn’t slept through the night and she’s 8 months old but WHATEVER. I just make children that don’t sleep. We’re all fine.

So how is 2021 working out for everyone? Are we all loving the constant weekly snow storms that keep on hitting us? The frozen tundra we now find ourselves in? Eric and I have the absolute pleasure of watching our pool cover sink deeper and deeper into the middle of the pool with every storm we get and we do not believe it will survive one more. It would survive normally, but when we got the liner changed to a BRAND NEW LINER and then filled the entire pool for 3 days and then had the pool professionally closed, only to find out on CHRISTMAS DAY that ALL OF THE WATER IS GONE (but where? where did it go?) the cover has nothing underneath to hold it up against the onslaught of snow and ice. 2021 is just 2020’s sister with a wig on, ready to rumble and ruin us some more.

In other news, Mackenzie Mae is 8 months old! I truly can’t believe it. Charlotte’s first year felt like it went by quickly, but Mackenzie’s first year is basically light speed. She finally has two bottom teeth and is cutting two top teeth. She rolls more often than she did but she is still the laziest baby I have ever met. If she is sitting up and wants a toy she tries to reach for it, but if she can’t get it she just forgets about it. She doesn’t scream for you to help her, she just decides “if I can’t reach it, I don’t need it.” She is perfectly content laying and not moving and I highly doubt she will crawl at all and probably won’t walk before her first birthday, which I am perfectly fine with. A lazy baby is an easier baby to care for if you ask me. She is finally eating more food, which is great since every baby food company out there puts poisonous chemicals into their purees. Now I either have to make my own or buy the bougie kind for 9 dollars a pouch. Ugh. I’ve given her some table food but she hasn’t figured out the pincer grasp yet so she just shoves food in her fist, licks her hand and screams. She is the sweetest bundle of joy ever and I absolutely adore her.

Charlotte still hates remote school and cries every single day that it is computer day. Yesterday she had a stroke because the teacher would not call on her at all, and it is probably because she can’t see her with 32 kids on the stupid zoom. I don’t care how many people get vaccinated, I will not say anything is normal until our kids are back in school and off these stupid laptops. We have ALL had enough.

Other than that we are gearing up for her 6th birthday, which will be vastly different from her 5th. She knows she can’t have a party and she is totally OK with it because she asked for a Nintendo switch which is what she is getting, because Eric and I want a Nintendo switch. Win-win. We also told her she has to start wearing clothes around the house permanently once she turns 6, which she is less excited about. She asked if she could just start with a shirt because “pants are unbelievable.” Can’t say that I blame her. We’re all going to have such a hard time going back to wearing regular pants once this is all over.

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