Dear Charlotte,

Every year I say the same thing. I can’t believe how quickly time is going. How is it possible I’m writing you your sixth birthday letter? It seems like just yesterday you came into our lives, and here you are now, officially a big kid. When you turned five I felt like you still had some of that baby in you, but that’s gone now. You’re a big girl, like you like to tell me all the time.

I’m writing this after I just dropped you off at school and you were so excited to give out treats to your class to celebrate your birthday even though you repeatedly reminded me that it’s tomorrow, as if I’d forget. This past year has shown me how incredibly resilient you are in so many ways. Right after you turned five the pandemic flipped our lives upside down. Your pre-k days ended in the blink of an eye and we spent every moment together for months and months (and months). Sometimes we got sick of each other and we let each other know. I’ll never forget you standing on the couch shouting at me “I have had enough of being with you!” It has been a really hard year for so many people, but you have adapted. You started Kindergarten, you wear your mask and you don’t complain. You ask me every day if you can go to the building instead of “computer school” and I wish for anything to make that happen. But you are learning SO much. I never get tired of watching you write out words. You are so smart and always asking such great questions. I am so incredibly proud of you. I think you have handled this year better than most adults I know, me included.

You are a wonderful big sister to Mackenzie. Her eyes light up when she sees you in a way they don’t light up for anyone else. Seeing the both of you together brings me so much joy. You may refuse to feed her (“Mackenzie eats disgusting!”) but you help me out all the time, even when you say that I ask you to do everything.

You are a light in this world. You make my days better. You make all of our lives better. You are funny, even if you make the worst jokes known to man. Your “youtube” videos never fail to make me laugh. You are probably the most willful and unique child I know. In six years I have never gotten you to wear a single thing I’d like you to wear. In six years I’ve never been able to keep your hair up for longer than a half an hour. When I ask you why you always respond, “you know me!” You are creative and stubborn and independent. You are shy but when you open up, man what a force you are. I cannot wait to see where this life takes you. Being your mother is the greatest adventure and the greatest gift.

I love you my six year old. To the moon and back.

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