I think I can speak for everyone on this planet when I say goodbye and good riddance to 2020. A year for the history books, and not in a good way. We’ve been isolated for the better part of it, not seeing anyone at all or seeing people we love only a handful of times. It’s such a shame when you really think about it.

There are, however, a few positives of this pandemic year. For one, Mackenzie came into the world and she is the brightest spot in a dismal time. Not right now, because she is quite literally kicking and screaming in her crib refusing to go to sleep after being awake since 5 AM, but for the most part she’s a dream. I’ve gotten to spend more time with her than I ever did with Charlotte at this age. Although I guess I’m making up for all of that time with Charlotte since we’ve also been together pretty much every waking moment since March 13. Some days it’s been nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything. Other days I want to pack a bag and get the hell out of dodge.

It’s been a positive to spend months upon months in loungewear. I think I’ve worn a mask more than I’ve worn a bra this year. When I have to go back to wearing a bra regularly I’m probably going to have a stroke.

All of the excellent television content has been a positive. We started this pandemic off with the Tiger King and now we’re wrapping it up with Bridgerton. So many excellent binge worthy shows for 2020, so at least we’ve had that.

I really hope we’re back to normal by the summer. Or as normal as we can be. I hope we have at least half a year of fun and joy. I hope you all are safe and healthy and happy and I really hope 2021 brings me some more damn sleep.

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