Charlotte was a very lucky little girl on Christmas. She got all of the toys she asked for, and she was also the recipient of everyone’s favorite gift; cold, hard cash. She opened up a card from my grandma that had $100 in it and kept talking about it over and over and over and I said I would keep it safe.

Fast forward to the other night when she made her own piggy bank out of a wooden box (because the one she already has isn’t good enough) where she was shoving dollar bills into the hole she made when she asked me for her hundred dollars. I told her I put it in the bank. “Which bank? Your piggy bank? Go get it so I can put it in my bank!” So I tried to explain to her what a bank was and she was NOT having it. She started screaming that I threw it away. “Go to the bank building and get it! Go get my hundred dollars!” I said the bank is closed on Sunday and she told me I was the absolute worst mother ever. Cool, cool, cool.

So she calmed herself down and did what any sane person would do. She got paper, scissors and markers and she made her own money. Just like the US Government. She stimulated her own piggy bank. So far, her little wooden box has 6 dollars in regular, government regulated bills and about 500 pieces of paper of her own making. They range from 100 dollars (the money I “threw out”) to 9,000 dollars. I wish I had my own 9,000 dollar bill to be honest. She walked up to me before and asked if she could buy a Frozen area rug for her room and handed me 6,000 dollars. Those bills are hot pink in case you were wondering.

So if anyone needs some extra cash just let Charlotte know. She’s got you covered.

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