Merry Christmas Eve! I can’t believe Christmas is actually here. It feels like we’ve lived several lifetimes in these last 10 months, but we made it to the end! Christmas obviously looks different this year, with no big parties to be had and not having the usual guest list on the Eve and the Day, but there are certain things that stay the same – pandemic or no pandemic – and that’s the kids excitement. Charlotte is so excited she is beside herself. She woke up every morning to move the Christmas counter, eat her Advent calendar chocolate and ask Alexa where Santa is. This morning her eyes lit up when she realized he has already left the North Pole. She is dying for a pink jeep and asked Santa on numerous lists. Santa is going to deliver on that, and it took Santa and Mrs. Claus 3 hours to put together the pink jeep so Charlotte better ride it for a year.

I’m sad Mackenzie’s first Christmas is Covid Christmas, but she won’t remember so I guess I’ll get over it eventually. I just wish people could see her, you know? She’s only this small for such a short period of time and at this rate nobody is going to see her until she’s in pre-k. Oh well.

I was listening to the Hallmark Music Christmas station the other day and one of the actors came on to say that he can’t wait for Christmas because it’s a time to spend with family, and after a year like the one we’ve had we all deserve some time with our family and that’s what he was looking forward to. I laughed out loud because all I could think of is, what the actual f? Dude, all we’ve done this year is spend time with our family. We have not left our family. Being with our family IS ALL WE HAVE DONE. And while it is nice to spend time with our family on Christmas, it’s literally going to be the same exact thing we have done for 10 months except with presents. Hopefully the children leave us alone for a solid week after this though – that would be the Christmas miracle.

I hope you all have a great holiday, no matter how you spend it. I know a lot of us are sad we won’t be seeing each other, so next year I think we should do a Christmas redo. I’m talking like, black tie attire. I’m going to come down Christmas morning in one of those Gone With the Wind robes and spend Christmas Day in a ballgown. Merry, merry, friends!

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