So about two weeks ago Charlotte got a canker sore.  She had a stroke over it, because canker sores hurt and she told me she couldn’t eat or drink or sleep or do anything because of this canker sore, which honestly isn’t different than any other day so I’m not sure what the sore was hindering in her ability to live life.

Anyway, because she is a wacko toddler she does weird things like lick her feet to get a rise out of me, so I told her that’s probably how she got a canker sore.  She hasn’t licked her feet since.  And THIS is the moment I realize what power I now held.

Charlotte doesn’t want to get out of the bath? I tell her she will get a canker sore.  OUT SHE COMES.

Charlotte doesn’t want to get dressed? CANKER SORES ARE A’COMIN.  Clothes are magically on.

Honestly, every little thing she has been fighting me on, I just use a canker sore as my weapon.  It’s incredible.  Now, no matter what she does, she asks me if she’s going to get a canker sore.  And I tell her if she listens to mommy and does what mommy says, no canker sores will happen.  These have been the best two weeks of life.  I mean I am obviously the best mom, am I not?

I’m just here to share my parenting hacks with the world.  You’re welcome.

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