Oh man are we birthday partied out or what?  Char had three celebrations and Eric basically had three celebrations.  We’ve been lighting so many candles and eating so many treats my pants seriously dislike me.  I need to abstain from sugar for a WHILE.  But it was all good things and everyone was happy!

Charlotte has asked every single day since her birthday if she’s still 4.  She then asks me when she’s going to be 6, because she wants her teeth to fall out.  She’s pretty thrilled with all of her presents, especially the new kitchen Eric and I got for her, and whenever she plays with it she thanks me for building it for her, which is delightful since it took me 2 hours and 150 curses to do so.  She got lots of new food for her kitchen and every day is making new concoctions and she thoroughly enjoys shoving the fake food in her mouth.  Because why eat real food when you can stick fake wooden hamburgers in your mouth, am I right?

Now that her birthday and Eric’s birthday are over she wants to know who is next, and so the cycle goes.  This kid isn’t satisfied until she knows who is having a birthday when and when we can have more cake.  She always wants a celebration.  But who can blame her?  Birthdays are fun and she knows it.

Man, I STILL can’t believe I had a four year old.

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