Happy Monday friends! I don’t know about you guys but I’m really enjoying the longer days even if the weather has gotten cold again.  I’m really ready for 60’s and sunny and retiring the winter coats for the season!  Friday was such a nice preview and Charlotte got to ride her bike and run around outside and I am reaaaadyyyy for springggggggg.

On Saturday my mom and I took Charlotte shopping for spring/summer clothes.  I usually detest this type of activity and order all of her clothes online because shopping with a four year old is hell on earth, but this was the opposite of that!  She had to come with me because I don’t know her size anymore.  She’s only four but she is tall and I knew the sizes for shorts and bathing suits would be all messed up.  It turns out my four year old is in a girls size small, which is a 6/7, and no longer in toddler sized clothes.  So I guess sizes for girls screws with your mind even at this age.  I find it so odd that a four year old is in 6/7 year old sizes, but what are you going to do.  She really was such a champ trying on different shorts and shirts and even got two dresses and two rompers, which is insane for her.  She told me what she liked and didn’t like and even tried on tons of bathing suits.  We have to buy a lot of suits this year because we have a pool (I still can’t get over this!) and she tends to rip a suit off the second she gets out of the water so there will be a lot of summer wardrobe changes.  It was a surprisingly good shopping trip.  Now she just better wear everything.

She spent the night at my mom’s because it was our anniversary and we did what any couple married for 6 years does on their anniversary which is see a movie, go to dinner at a diner and then go to bed.  #Goals.

Yesterday was the BEST day because we saw our good friends from Queens and got to finally meet their new delicious baby which was HEAVEN for me.  Charlotte absolutely adored her and was so good with her that the wheels, they are a turnin’ (just not yet).  Whenever the baby cried Charlotte would run over and rub her head or her feet and hold her and give her kisses and run to get her pacifier.  It was the sweetest thing.  And she had the best time playing with her original BFF so that was great.  A good weekend, but always too short.  And now it’s back to our regularly scheduled work programming.

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