Yesterday I took the plunge and dismantled Charlotte’s crib. My back hurts and my fingers hurt from doing so, but it is now in four pieces and stored inside my closet, never to be seen again. Well, I guess we could use it for the next baby, but by the time I’m ready for that science may progress enough to make a crib that puts your baby to sleep for you, and if that happens I will take out a loan to purchase it. I thought I would be feeling sad getting rid of the crib that I so carefully chose when I was pregnant. The crib that was so beautiful and girly and perfect. But then I remembered the pain and anguish this crib has caused me over the last two and a half years and I realized I’m not sad that part of our life is over because now we have a new bed to bring even more pain and anguish into my life. 

My neighbor graciously agreed to come to IKEA with me yesterday so purchase the bed. We were embarking on this journey with two toddlers. We were insane. She went off to get her car seat to put into my car and Charlotte decided this would be the perfect time to perfect her modeling catwalk. 

I can’t even take the sass emanating from this child in this photo. She is working the sidewalk like no one’s business!

IKEA with two toddlers was fun. And by fun I mean an experiment in not losing your shit in front of a furniture warehouse full of strangers. They were actually pretty well behaved for the most part, but then Charlotte wanted to lay across the box of the bed while we were online and kept sliding off of it and I was totally done at that point. Some lady in a wheelchair was judging me hard so I did the best thing and took my phone out to snap pictures of my child instead of reprimanding her, because I’m a millennial mom. 

When Eric got home from softball I put the bed together and screamed joyfully in intervals saying how we were going to sleep in the big girl bed! We were big girls! No more mommy and daddy’s bed! CHARLOTTE HAS HER OWN BED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY SLEEP IN THE BED!!

And we did!!!!!! Hahahahaha fucking no we didn’t. She still woke up. We had to pause Game of Thrones so I could put her back to sleep in it. She also refuses a pillow and doesn’t want a night light.  I guess it’ll take time? Honestly I’m just excited I can use under the bed for storage purposes. That’s probably the best use I’ll get out of this thing. 

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