Last weekend my brother and I were going to go out to breakfast with Charlotte and just as we were about to leave she peed through her pants.  So, because I was hungry and rushing to get out the door, I threw a pair of capri leggings on her, forgetting that she HATES when her pants ride up and therefore would not tolerate capris.  I realized my mistake the second we got in the car.  My brother tried to fix the problem by pulling her socks up over the capris to make it seem like she was wearing long pants, which left the effect of her wearing high baseball socks.  But, because the socks would not stay up, Charlotte was not having it.  Kids are very particular about the shit they do and do not like, and Charlotte was not going to tolerate capri leggings for one second.

We got into the booth at the restaurant and immediately she wanted the shoes and socks off.  And then she was pulling on the pants so hard trying to get them to go to her ankle, but of course they wouldn’t.  So I did the only logical thing there was to do at this moment in time.


I obviously took her pants off.  And let her stay like this the entire time.  And you know what?  She was awesome.  Not one tantrum, not one fit.  She sat there and ate her corn muffin and her fruit and played with her balloon and was happy as a clam.  Sometimes no pants are the best pants.

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