Ugh you guys.  This stage we’re in right now is the best I tell you.  THE. BEST.  Sure, we have our terrible two tantrums, and we have 750 variations of the word no, and we have the sassy attitude.  But the cuddles.  OH THE CUDDLES.  I can’t even handle how cute it is.  Yesterday we went to the science museum because the weather was so crappy, and when we got home Eric and I let her nap in our bed.  The three of us cuddled up and I sang songs for about 20 minutes until she passed out on me.  The three of us slept with the rain outside and it was perfection.  But then last night when it was time for bed, Char wanted to go in our bed again.  And I’m usually super firm with my rules at bedtime, but she was too cute in her demands, so the three of us piled in bed again.  “Mommy’s bed!” she shouted.  “Yight off!” (She pronounces all of her L’s like Y’s and I don’t correct her because it’s too adorable right now.)  She curled into me and put her arms around me neck and any time I tried to move she pulled me closer.  “Mommy’s bed! Mommy hug!”  How could I say no? She was kissing my face and my lips and asking me to sing.  Eric was laying there next to her and rubbing her back.  She was getting sleepier but refusing to give in and after about 10 minutes Eric took her to her room even though she was protesting loudly.  She went to sleep in like 2 seconds, but the bedtime cuddling was just the best.  I love this stage so much.  It makes all of the sassy tantrums totally worth it.  More cuddles forever!

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