I wasn’t really aware how easily kids bruise and just how many bumps, bruises and scrapes a 2-year old can possess.  If you looked at Charlotte you would think that I let her walk into walls and roll down concrete hills.  I promise this isn’t the case though!  I look after her as best I can, but because she is super fast and a toddler who does what she wants, when she wants, she falls.  A lot.  Pretty much every day.

Her face is bruised on her chin and her cheek pretty bad because on Saturday morning she was trying to roll onto the dog, which was kind of an asshole move by the way, and the dog got up and moved because isn’t that what you would do if a toddler was getting ready to steam roll over you?  And then she rolled off the bed.  And landed on her face.  The screaming was sooooooo bad.  She scared the shit out of me because I thought her teeth went through her lip or something.  But alas, she is fine and just has a nice shiner.

Her arms and legs are scraped and scabbed because she likes to do a balance beam act on the concrete at the park and falls CONSTANTLY.  But she doesn’t cry and keeps getting up and doing it again so I let her.  Is that wrong?  I mean if it’s wrong I don’t want to make it right because she’s having fun doing it and I would think if it hurt that bad she wouldn’t continue to walk on the concrete.  Who knows.

Then she just had random bruises on her legs that I think come from when she decides to run at the couch at full speed for no reason.  Or try to climb up into my bed and not quite reach the top and so her legs are dangling and she is kicking them into the drawer handles.  She’s a mess.  But a cute mess, so it’s okay.

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