I’m not a huge Grinch with my title for today.  Is there an Easter equivalent of the Grinch?  The Rabbit Hunter maybe?  I don’t know.  I’m getting off topic here.  ANYYYYWAY.  We had a great Easter.  We colored eggs the day before and Charlotte was actually into it and didn’t send colored liquid flying across the room like I thought would happen.  We went to my grandma’s for breakfast and had dinner at my parents.  My mom set up an egg hunt outside for the kids and put some coins in the eggs like we always had growing up.  Charlotte received some bubbles, a book and sidewalk chalk in total “gifts” received.  You see, when I was a kid, I never had an elaborate Easter basket.  My mom always put the eggs around the house and my brother and I would get them thinking a giant rabbit got in our house and hid them, but then we would get one or two small gifts.  Like a VHS tape or a coloring book.  Christmas was the big gift holiday and we knew it.  On Easter Sunday we went to church, had our eggs and that was that.  Nowadays?  Jesus Christ (has risen indeed) – when did Easter become Christmas #2?  My Facebook and Instagram feed was FILLED TO THE BRIM with the most elaborate Easter baskets I have ever seen in my life.  I saw someone give their kids one of those motorized BMW cars FULL OF TOYS and said the Easter bunny left it for them.  WHAT THE ACTUAL F.  Isn’t Easter supposed to be the highest holy day of all holy days?  Like it’s the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead to save us all from our sins so we don’t have to perish in the fiery depths of hell with Satan as our buddy, right?  When did it become the day we can see who makes the best Easter basket and what kid gets the most gifts from a bunny?  IT IS MADNESS I TELL YOU AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN.  Me included.

I know there’s probably only one person out there who will agree with me because we have discussed this topic at length over the past few days (hi Lisa!) and that most of you are pooh-poohing me over the remnants of your basket’s cellophane wrapping paper as your kids play with their 750 Easter basket toys, and that’s fine.  This is my blog and my opinion and we’re all entitled to feel whatever we want to feel.  I just think maybe we’re buying our kids too much shit and turning every holiday into a free for all of who is getting what.  Poor Charlotte.  She’s going to go to school one day and after Easter everyone is going to talk about the new flying car they received from the Easter Bunny and all she’s going to get is a VHS tape and some coloring books.  Just like her mother.

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