I’m currently sitting on my couch with Char on my lap repeating the questions “what happened what happened what happened what is that what is that what is that” to a cartoon she’s seen 750 times but just likes to ask me to narrate it to her. She’s trying to put her feet on my nipples because that’s what makes her happy, and her mouth is full of MY acai bowl. We slept in until 6 this morning and one of us woke up a little upset because we peed through our pajamas.  She’s already eaten a banana, a few strawberries, half a yogurt, two bites of an egg and then my breakfast.  Today feels like it’s going to be a really good day. Maybe the sun and breeze coming through my open windows has something to do with it, but I’ve got a good feeling. 

But lest you think she’s on a path to rightneousness, last night she got a time out, which she ASKED FOR, because she hit the television because a commercial came on during Mickey and THEN Mickey dared to use the wrong mouskatool when Charlotte wanted him to use the horn.

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