Hi everyone!!! I hope your Christmas was swell.  Santa must have missed the memo from me that he had to buy me a new house to put all of the many, many gifts Charlotte received, but oh well.  Maybe next year!!

Christmas Eve and Day were miracles because I got Charlotte in a dress AND tights AND her hair up.  And I managed to get photographic evidence of this occurrence so I can always remember how friggin’ cute she looked.  We went to my brother in law and sister in law’s house to celebrate Hanukkah last night and at that point she was in regular clothes and no hair done because she couldn’t handle anymore.  She even took her pants off and refused to let me put them back on.  That’s my girl.

Charlotte received the following things: a Beauty and the Beast tea cart (she is obsessed with this and I never thought it would be something she would gravitate to because it is very girly, however she really enjoys ramming it into the wall), a train block set, a puzzle game from Italy, many nice outfits (thank you LORD because she needs 2T clothes in the worst way), a rocking horse, a piano, a 5 piece mini cleaning kit, pajamas, puzzles, a kitchen, new books, a baseball bat and T, a Minnie Mouse vacuum, a new Elmo, Mickey and Minnie tsum tsums, a tsum tsum blanket, a cabbage patch kid doll that sings and dances, a sit and spin, a nice amount of cold hard cash, and more shit I am forgetting.  I packed up a bunch of her old toys and put them away, and I’m only opening a few things at a time or else she will be psychotic and my house will look like the Hurricane on 224th Street.  Actually, she is already psychotic because today she woke up at 3 AM and insisted on playing with her toys until 5:30.  I think three late nights and all the Christmas excitement caught up to her and she just could not sleep.  I, however, could sleep for days.  I also don’t think I need to eat anything until next December with all of the calories I have consumed.  I am ashamed.

Christmas morning was so perfect.  Eric and I dressed up in matching PJs and we filmed her coming out of our room to see her toys and her kitchen set up.  While she doesn’t really understand the concept of Santa and gifts yet, her face lit up and she had the biggest smile on and was SO excited that I cry pretty much every time I watch the video of her walking out.  Kids really make the holidays so magical and I know next year will be even better.

I hope you all had the best time with your families and your little ones.  I hope Santa was good to you!  I’ll report back later in the week with which toys Charlotte has destroyed, because I am sure that’s coming.  XOXO.

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