Last night around 6:45 Eric and I began what I am now going to call The Great Furniture Rearrangement of 2016.  It began because of my fear of  organizing the new toys I bought Charlotte for Christmas, specifically her new play kitchen set.  Where would I put everything?  I am obsessive when it comes to organizing her toys even though it’s pointless because she continues to throw them everywhere, but changes has to be made.  (I already know the solution to this problem is not to buy her anything, but it’s CHRISTMAS!)  So, on Sunday I moved one small book case from her room and put it in the hallway near the bathroom and then placed her big pink toy box next to her crib to make some more room on her floor for the kitchen set.  I also bought her a table and chairs set because I am weak and stupid and now her shit is taking over everything, but I am getting away from my point.  Charlotte’s favorite activity is climbing on top of her toy box and jumping off of it.  This was problematic to begin with when the box was just against a random wall, but putting it near her crib and dresser was possibly one of the dumbest moves I’ve made.  Last night the child decided to use the electric outlets as a stepping point to launch herself on top of the toy box, and then grab a hold of the crib railing and try to swing like fucking Tarzan.  She then began to take the top off of the toy box, step onto the electrical outlet again, and throw herself into the bin as if it were a mosh pit at a heavy metal concert.  THIS WOULD NOT DO.

SO.  Eric and I started by moving the toy box into the middle of the room.  Then we pushed her crib over to the wall so the electrical outlet that became her own personal launching pad was covered.  Then we moved her big dresser over to the window and put the rocking chair near the door.  Then we put the table and chairs in her room next to the crib (it is now in front of the radiator, and while it is covered, I am sure will become a problem of it’s own.)  And then we put the toy box in the living room where the table and chairs were, so at least when she starts climbing it and flipping herself off, we can easily jump off the couch to retrieve her.  I’m going to put the kitchen in her room and move her favorite chair in there as well when she isn’t using it so it doesn’t take up space in my living room like it is now.  So now my living room is taken over by two toy boxes.  The kid has two containers of toys and three chairs.  Why does an almost two year old have three separate chairs?  Why am I doing this?

I could probably get rid of every single thing she owns and just leave the pink toy box with nothing in it and she would be happier than ever.  But again, I am weak and stupid.

I bet you are all feeling super fulfilled reading about this.  I can tell you my problem now is that the pictures I hung in her room were aligned with her furniture so now that I have moved everything I have anxiety about fixing them or putting more pictures up because nothing looks correct or in order.  Nobody cares about any of this shit except me.

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