Howdy!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and long weekend!  After four days home with my little monster coming back to work today was tough.  Even though she’s been up at 3 AM ruining my life the past few days, we’re really hitting this stage of affection that is hard to walk away from.  The kisses and hugs are to die for.  This morning when I was getting ready to leave I said mommy has to go to work now so come give me a kiss, and she walked over, kissed me on the lips and put her arms around my neck and squeezed so tight.  This happens daily, even when she isn’t prompted.  Those surprise hugs and kisses are the best!

Since today is Cyber Monday I am spending a good chunk of my time browsing the sales online.  I would say I am about halfway done with Christmas shopping.  Charlie girl is 100% done.  Except for the fact that Eric bought her a baseball bat today.  He has clearly lost his mind.  I can just see her opening all of the gifts we bought her and zoning in on only the bat.  And then us opening the bat and her taking the bat to our home.  And our bodies.  And ending up Christmas morning with broken arms and a broken TV.  And no amount of spontaneous hugs and kisses will fix that I tell you!

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