Times they are a-changing my friends!  Charlie girl has mastered the word NO and life will never be the same.  Good Lord she says it with such feeling.  Everything is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.  Well, not everything, but most things.  This morning she wanted to shove her daddy’s ear plugs into her mouth and I took them away from her and she threw herself face first onto the floor and wailed out the most pitiful no you ever heard.  While it can be comical and dramatic, it’s also really helpful to me in the way she communicates what she wants.  And this kid knows what she wants and when she wants it.  For example, we were playing with her toys in her toy box and she kept pointing to things, and as I picked them up she would shake her head and say no and keep pointing until I finally chose the correct toy.  In this instance, it was a piece of garbage paper that managed to find it’s way to the bottom of the toy chest.  Typical.

She now has 10 teeth with THREE more coming in.  I feel bad for her because it is obviously uncomfortable, but in a sense I’m relieved because we’re getting all of the teeth in one shot.  We’ve almost got all of those one-year molars baby!  She’s an eating champion with those molars.  I’m able to give her bigger pieces of things without having to clutch at my chest like I’m having a heart attack thinking she’s going to choke.  A bad side of all these teeth coming through?  She puts everything into her mouth still.  EVERYTHING.  Her favorite things to put in her mouth at the moment are the drum sticks to her toy drum and the handle to her toy xylophone.  We don’t use these toys as intended, we use them as chew toys.  She is shoving these sticks so far down her throat I don’t understand how she’s not vomiting.  I mean she is basically deep-throating drum sticks.  Oooooooops.

She’s also super, super fast.  She was in the kitchen with me last night and I turned my back for literally two seconds, just enough time for me to rip off a piece of paper towel from the sink and when I turned around this kid had the fucking cheese grater out.  I ripped it away from her so fast I think I scared her a little bit because she jumped back and then she had her Oscar worthy performance in Girl Who Loses Her Grater.  Face down on the kitchen floor hitting the oven door screaming and crying.  What a drama queen.  Speaking of ovens, every time she goes into the kitchen she has to rip the dish towel off the oven door handle because she likes to see her reflection in the door.  She is her father’s daughter.

Every day is really getting better and better.  I’m sad that the baby days are slowly fading behind us, but to see her becoming more independent and  her own person is so much fun.  She is more affectionate than she’s ever been (the hugs! the wet kisses! I MELT) and she honestly makes me laugh like an adult.  She’s just a funny, smart girl and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.  Maybe it’ll bring some more sleep, but I doubt it.

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