Have any of you seen this author Meghann Foye who wrote a book and has been in the press for her pressing desire for Meternity leave because of all of her coworkers who received maternity leave?  In case you haven’t, you can read up on it here: Meternity Leave

I mean, I would love to get this woman in a room alone.  She was supposed to be on Good Morning America on Friday but she bailed because the internet is ripping her to shreds.  In sum, she wants to take leave for herself because those women who choose the more “traditional” path of having kids get to take time away from the office, or get to leave early to pick their kids up, or get to slack off and expect people who don’t have kids to pick up the slack.  What. The. Fuck.

Maybe this woman isn’t aware of what maternity leave actually is.  What a great vacation it must be to recuperate from pushing a baby out of your nether regions or being sliced open and then not sleeping and dealing with hormonal changes!  I had so much fun when my maternity leave started, let me tell you.  Dealing with the pain from the stitches keeping my vagina closed and keeping my infant daughter alive was definitely on par with having mimosas by the pool and rediscovering myself.  I definitely think this woman should be entitled to take time off because she doesn’t want to have children, and I had the luxury of being home because I chose to have a baby.  FOR SURE.

And perhaps what is even more infuriating to me is that fact that this woman is bitching and moaning about how women who choose to have kids get to take time off and have child related excuses at work but doesn’t address the fact that the United States of America has the shittiest take on maternity leave out of pretty much every fucking country on the planet.  The ONLY reason I had the ability to take off five months without any financial hardship is because I had saved up my vacation and sick time at my job for SIX YEARS.  If I didn’t do such a thing, I would have had only unpaid leave.  UNPAID LEAVE.  And this is pretty much how every other working woman in America has to plan for her time off after BIRTHING A HUMAN.  So it isn’t a fucking luxury vacation in which you can find yourself and relax, Ms. Foye.  Yes, women who choose to have children get to take off time from work.  But we take off that time to RECUPERATE, to learn how to keep a baby ALIVE and we do such with much difficulty because nobody is offering us paid leave to do these things unless you meticulously plan for it.  Most women have to run back to the office after 6-8 weeks because they can’t afford to stay home, and let me tell you, nobody is really ready to go back after that short amount of time.

I think I can safely speak for most moms I know when I say to Ms. Meghann Foye: Kindly go fuck yourself.



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