Last night when I got home from work Charlotte was in a pretty playful mood. I love watching how she plays on her own because it’s amusing to see how she’s connecting things in her mind. For example, she has a toy cupcake that she pretends to eat, pretends to feed me and then pretends to feed her stuffed Elmo. Elmo is currently her favorite stuffed animal and anyone who sees him can easily figure out that fact because he’s disgusting looking no matter how many times I wash him. Last night though, she was playing with four of her stuffed toys. It started out innocent enough. She would make me kiss Elmo and Minnie and then she would kiss them. But then things took a turn…

Charlotte took her Elmo and Minnie and would make them kiss and then she kicked them. I thought it was funny even if it was a tad on the violent side. But then she took Elmo, Minnie, her talking dog Violet and some other talking puppy and she actually lined them up in a row. She made them all kiss each other. You would think that this would be slightly concerning as it is since this was basically a stuffed animal orgy, but if it ended here I wouldn’t be writing this post. After the kissing session for the lined up participants, she made me kiss them. Then she kissed them. And then she kicked them all in the fucking head. MORE THAN ONCE. 

So my question is, at what point do I become concerned that she is a serial killer?  I mean isn’t this how Buffalo Bill started? IT PUTS THE LOTION IN THE BASKET!!! Lord, this child is going to keep me and Eric on our toes for sure. 

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