I thought the terrible two’s were when tantrums started?  Why did the internet lie to me?  I thought the internet never lied?  Charlotte is 9 days away from turning 14 months old and she is the most strong willed child I’ve ever met.  With her ridiculous desire for independence and her molars wreaking havoc on her mouth, we had QUITE the weekend.  Do you know how many times I called her an asshole this weekend?  After she went to bed last night I told Eric I was running out the door to work today.  Adios you little dictator!  Have fun with daddy!  Here are a few of the meltdowns that occurred:

  • We took a nice nap in our stroller on a walk and we woke up angry.  The lady at the deli counter came up to say hi to us at the grocery store and we got mad at her, screamed and threw our cheerios at her.  Someone is a bitch, and it’s not the lady who sliced our American cheese!
  • We put a pretty dress on for our cousin’s first birthday party.  We didn’t like the dress so we tried to rip it off and screamed.  We didn’t like the headband that matched perfectly so we threw it across the room.  We didn’t like the bow that matched perfectly so we ripped it out, along with a few strands of hair in our scalp.
  • We wanted a balloon animal at the party.  We loved our balloon animal until we BIT INTO IT and had it pop into our face.  We cried a lot over that (with good reason) but then we threw ourselves on the floor and screamed our little heads off when we couldn’t have the other balloons to shove in our mouth.  One of us (mommy) is VERY OVER BALLOONS.
  • We had to leave said birthday party early because we refused to take a nap in our stroller or do anything other than attempt to grab all of the balloons, so we didn’t get any cake, didn’t get any pictures with the birthday boy and had the majority of the party staring at the screaming baby who needed to be held constantly.  Talk about feeling the tantrum embarrassment hard.
  • We took a two hour nap in the car (the drive home was 25 minutes, so one of us had to sit in the vehicle and do nothing…) but then we woke up angry again.
  • We refused to get bathed and threw a general fit about everything before bed time.
  • We woke up happy and then threw ourselves on the floor when were told we were NOT ALLOWED to take the plug for the TV out of the wall.  One of us is very dramatic.


*Disclaimer: Charlie girl is usually the happiest baby on the block, so I’m really just chalking this all up to the fact that molar teething is the bane of my existence.  This post makes her seem like an asshole ALL of the time, but in reality she’s only an asshole SOME of the time.*

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