We have hit two big milestones this past weekend!  BIG, BIG MILESTONES!  Drum roll please…. 

 1. This mama drank HARD ALCOHOL for the first time since June 13, 2014.  Yes, I remember the date because it was 6 days before I found out I was pregnant and I remember drinking 5 beers and a few too many whiskey pickle backs. She came out fine. 

2.  This mama and her husband went out to dinner! Together! IN A RESTAURANT.  Not eating take out on the floor!  For the first time in months! 

Did you think the milestones were Charlotte doing something big?  I mean she has started doing the stuff babies are supposed to do at this stage, so obviously that’s also important.  She is smiling, giggling, grabbing at shit and following things with her eyes.  Yes, yes, all big things, but how can we compare that to the fact that I got to drink a MALIBU BAY BREEZE?!?!?  Or the fact that Eric and I finally felt like a  couple again!  BIG THINGS!

On Saturday we went to a ladies luncheon out in Riverhead.  Charlotte was actually perfect and slept almost the entire time.  I brought my manual hand pump with me and a bottle I prepared just so I could have one drink.  The bartender made me a DELICIOUS Malibu Bay Breeze and I drank it like I was a 13 year old hiding in the attic having my first drink. I mean I sucked it down like it was the elixir of life. And then I was drunk. I mean I’m not even exaggerating here, I was actually drunk. Charlotte ate from her bottle, mommy was drunk and ate 3 rolls. It was GLORIOUS. Then I pumped away all the alcohol with my manual pump and poured it down the toilet. That was actually depressing because I got like 4 ounces of milk out and I was really sad to waste it, but I mean I GOT TO DRINK.

Yesterday, Eric and I decided to head out with the baby to a restaurant. It was a big step for us because we’ve been eating either my quick meals (chef gourmet Sam has fallen by the wayside since I gave birth) or eating take out while taking turns holding the baby. I fed her and we went to dinner. It was 4:30 but does that even really matter? Negative. We were hungry and we figured if Charlotte had a melt down then there would be less people in the restaurant to witness it. We went to Tony Roma’s and Charlie girl fell asleep right when we sat down at the table, stayed asleep the entire meal and THEN even stayed asleep as we went to Ralph’s for ices. Peach for Eric, root beer for me. I really wanted salted caramel off the creme ices menu but couldn’t have it because of the dairy bullshit that is my dietary life.  Eric and I both said it was the first time we felt like a couple again since we had the baby. It was glorious and much needed and now I’m not worried even a little bit to take her out to eat with us. I’m not going to go fancy schmancy restaurants with an infant, but Applebee’s boneless buffalo wings are calling my name (sans blue cheese dressing, WAH).   Big things happening for this family!

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