Is it weird that sometimes I find myself just staring at Charlotte when she sleeps? Like not just looking at her but full on, not wanting to blink staring. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a sleeping child, and that’s not just because they are quiet and not screaming, puking or crapping all over, but because they are literally perfect when they sleep.  Charlotte has the longest eyelashes that curl in a way I only wish mine could. She has the prettiest blue eyes that sometimes look gray and I pray they stay this color. Her nose is like a little whoville nose that curves up when you look at her profile and her lips are to die for. I want to kiss her face until I burst because she is just so beautiful!  I really can’t even take the love I have for her sometimes.  I sound like a mushy fool, I know, but I can’t help it!
In other news, she’s been sleeping longer stretches at night (except for Saturday night when she decided to stay awake with me and Eric for 3 hours) and last night I actually slept from 11:30-7:30. SAY WHAT. I’m so refreshed I could run a marathon. And by marathon I actually mean sit on the couch and watch TV without nodding off. Woohoo!!
Charlotte is two months old today which is just ridiculous to me because seriously where the hell is the time going?  I don’t want her to grow so fast! This is bullshit. She also has to go to her 2 month checkup today and get lord knows how many needles. I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. Everyone told me to just nurse her the second the shots are over so I plan on standing there with my boobs out. Would it be too much to hover over her and shove it into her mouth as she gets the needles?  I really hate this part.  My poor little chunky monkey.  Here’s hoping the appointment is as painless as possible for Charlie and her neurotic mother! 

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