I hope everyone had the best Halloween!  I have to say, year after year, my social media feeds are filled with more and more kids, and I absolutely adore looking at each and every post.  There’s just something about kids in costumes that make you smile.  Charlotte didn’t want to wear her princess dress and chose to be Doc McStuffins, which is fine because she’s worn the princess dress enough that I feel like I didn’t waste all of my money on it.  At first she didn’t want to go out and trick or treat because she was having a great time sitting on the stoop with Eric handing out candy.  When I was walking home from the bus stop I heard her shouting “TRICK OR TREAT MOMMY! Here is some candy for you!!”

I don’t think we could have gotten better weather this year.  What a gorgeous night to be outside! We ended up doing the most trick or treating on what will be our new block of our new house.  Eric and I got really excited about this because almost every house was decorated and all of our soon to be new neighbors were just hanging out outside, handing out candy, some drinking beers.  We even stopped by our new house and the sellers were outside and said to us, “aren’t you buying our house?!”  I thought it would be weird, but it wasn’t weird at all, and I am just getting more and more excited about living on that block and in that neighborhood.

I have to say I love Halloween for the kids, but I really love Halloween for my husband.  There’s nothing like watching him getting more excited than all the kids to get candy.  When Charlotte got tired he was going up to houses by himself with her candy bag.  One woman had to ask him if he was trick or treating for himself or for a kid, which was just the best.

All in all, it was a great night.  Eric and I said that every year Charlotte is getting better.  At least this year she wore a costume!!

And now I guess it’s Christmas time?  TIME TO BUY PRESENTSSSSSSSS.

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