HEELLLLOOOOO THERE.  Well, Eric and I are back from Vegas and Charlotte is back from Disney.  Post vacation depression is real, my friends.  When we were driving back to get Charlotte on Friday night, I was really afraid that I would just be upset about no longer being away and stuck with mom duties again.  But I will tell you that the best thing to make you appreciate your kid is to get the hell away from them for a while.  Reuniting with Charlotte was honestly the BEST.  She was up very late the night we got home but it was great.  She just kept hugging me and kissing me and playing with all of her toys like she had been away from them for the longest time.  She told me Disney stories, and when I told her to lay down and get ready for bed I heard her singing to Tom “my mommy is here, my mommy is here!” And I just melted into a puddle.  I hugged her soooo tightly that night and the joy continued on Saturday.  I was so, so happy to be home with her.

AND THEN LAST NIGHT ROLLED AROUND.  It takes barely any time to revert back into the perpetually exhausted person I always am.  She fell asleep around 6:30 in the car on the way home from my grandma’s, which is usually safe but last night was the kiss of damn death.  She woke up the second I parked the car and stayed awake until like 1 AM.  Screaming, crying, fighting.  I wanted to run away and never return.  The joy of our reunion was gone.  She was back to being a pain.  I AM TIRED ALL OVER AGAIN.  IT’S LIKE I NEVER EVEN WENT AWAY!!!

I’m over it though.  Because that’s just the way it is.  We have our good times filled with kisses and hugs and happiness and we have our bad times where we wish we were back in Vegas and not tending to the needs of a small child who refuses to go the F to sleep.  I should be thankful for my time away from her, and I am, but home girl better get it together tonight.

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