I’ve come to realize life with a 3 and a half year old is just an endless stream of questions.  From the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, Charlotte is asking me questions constantly.  When she hobbles out of bed, her first question is “who is coming today?” followed by “am I going to school?”  That segways into “what day is it?” followed by “can we sing the days of the week song?”  Then she will ask me if she has to wear pants, because that is always an important topic on her mind.  This morning I was running late and she was giving me a hard time about pants so I let her wear shorts because I’ve had it up to here with early morning fights.  The second she got outside she told me she was cold and I laughed in her face.  A note about the pants – I’d like to point out she puts pants on for everyone else but me, so that’s fun.

When I get home from work she asks me how I got home.  She asks me what color the bus was and how many people were on it.  Then she asks me to play with her and asks me when we are going to Sesame Place again, even though we went twice in less than a month.  The answer is never, Charlotte. If I had it my way, we’d never go back to Sesame Place.

When it’s time for bed that’s when the fun questions come out to play.  “Why is it night time? Where is the sun? Why do I have to sleep?”  And, my personal favorite…

“Who made me?”

I really thought we’d have more time before that particular question came into play, but she asks it constantly.  I tell her that mommy, daddy and God made her.  Then she asks who made daddy, who made mommy, who made her grandparents, until finally we get to “who made spiders?” And then she tells me “I KNOW. MOMMY SPIDER DADDY SPIDER AND GOD SPIDER.”

So we end our nights with God spider.  Which is really not how I imagined bedtime stories with my kid, but nothing about parenting is how I imagined it to be if I’m honest.

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