Happy hump day my friends! I woke up thinking it was Thursday so when I realized it was Wednesday I cried inside a little.  Ah, well.

Charlotte is soooo ready for Halloween.  She asks me every single day if it’s Halloween yet.  We have her Owlette costume from PJ Masks that is too big, but the smaller size is too small, so we have to make do with what we’ve got.  She also refuses to wear the mask, so she just looks like she’s wearing a very large red burlap sack with wings.  She has been practicing saying trick or treat and says she’s going to eat all of her candy.  She is her father’s daughter with her sweet tooth.

We’re also taking her to the PJ Masks Live show next Saturday, and every time she sees the commercial for it she shouts, “I want to go to that store!”  I don’t know why she thinks it’s a store but I find it hilarious.  I keep telling her we are going to go, and she asks me “before Halloween? We go before Halloween?”  I’m glad we’ve planned something for before Halloween to get her excited.  This kid has a great social calendar if you ask me.

For some reason she has been calling me and Eric by our first names.  She thinks it’s funny when she shouts “I want Sam!” but that was she says Eric’s name is adorable.  “ECICCCCC I WANT YOUUU!”

She’s been sleeping with me pretty much every night and somehow I’ve come to terms with it.  Whether she starts in her own bed or mine, with every shitty thing going on right now I find comfort with her next to me.  She is so innocent and unmarred from the horrors and shittiness of the world, and the hours I spend sleeping next to her are just a way for me to connect to something good.

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  1. Aww she’s so cuuute 😂😂 A social child is fun though sometimes they’re so active it would bother you. Not too long ago my cousin was running up and down for long minutes. I asked him if he wasn’t already tired. He said “I can never be tired” oh well 😅😊


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