UGH YOU GUYS.  Game of Thrones!! Game of F*&KING THRONES!!!!  I have never been so happy to throw my child in her crib and prepare myself for an epic hour of one of the greatest TV shows in the history of ever.  If you are not watching you are MISSING OUT!  I won’t say anymore in case some of you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet (what were you DOING?!) but it was seriously so great and I can’t wait until next week.

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Mine was FANTASTIC!  Because I only had my child for ONE DAY OF IT!!!!!  Eric and I had a wedding to attend, so I brought Charlotte to my mom’s on Thursday, put her to bed, and then hightailed it the hell out of there.  My mom brought her back on Saturday evening.  It was glorious.  I’m sorry, but we all need some serious baby free time in our parenting lives.  I woke up Friday morning to an empty, quiet house.  I had hot coffee.  I got eyelash extensions, because I love to waste money on shit that falls out, I got more coffee.  I got my hair done, checked into a hotel and had an awesome time drinking and dancing all night.  In fact, the entire group of friends at the wedding was baby free.  You could literally feel the freedom and happiness oozing from each and every one of us.  Saturday morning I lounged in the big hotel bed and watched the Food Network in my underwear.  Eric and I went to IHOP and then went home and TOOK A NAP.  A NAP!!!!  When was the last time I took a nap?!  Ugh.  I miss it already.

Yesterday Char and I went to Target right when it opened because I desperately needed those big storage bins for all of the clothes that no longer fit her.  She was pretty good and stayed in the wagon almost the entire trip.  I let her pick out a toy and she chose these stupid My Little Ponies instead of the super cool Kakamora from Moana and she had buyer’s remorse the second we got to the car.  She’s been asking for the Kakamora ever since.  SOME LESSONS ARE LEARNED THE HARD WAY KIDDO.

And now I’m back at work.  Exhausted from staying up late to watch Game of Thrones and having Charlotte come into our bed at 4 AM and climbing all over me and yelling TOUCH MOMMY’S EAR every time her fingers weren’t pinching my ear lobe.  Kids just know.  She’s probably just getting me back for not buying her the Kakamora too.  I guess some lessons really are learned the hard way.

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