Last night when I got home I asked Charlotte what she wanted for dinner like always.

Me: Do you want macaroni?

Charlotte: NO!

Me: Do you want bread? Cucumbers and dip? A scrambled egg? String cheese?  Shredded cheese?  A yogurt? The blood of our enemies?

Charlotte: NO NO NO. NOO NO NOOO.

Me: So what would you like for dinner, my darling precious girl?  Please tell your mother, the short order line cook in your life.


I laughed at her and said she couldn’t have candy for dinner.   I said candy is a treat and candy is not a nutritious meal that will make her big and strong.  Too much candy is not good for little growing girls!  She said okay and I managed to get half a cucumber (with about 47 tablespoons of ranch dressing), some macaroni and some bread into her for dinner.  I declared this a victory.

And then I sat on my couch after I put her to bed and I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Why?  Because on Monday I ate Twizzlers for lunch.  JOKE IS ON YOU KIDDO.  CANDY CAN BE A MEAL!  HIP HIP HOORAY FOR BEING THE ADULT!


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