Somebody did something special last night. I’m not naming any names because if I say who did it then the universe is going to snatch away all my joy and send me back to zombie sleep hell. But SOMEBODY is getting the hang of sleeping. She who shall not be named has had a few good nights in a row, but last night was GREAT. 

Somebody slept from 7:30-7:30 with only two ten minute wake ups to have a little snack.  Her first stretch of sleep was SEVEN HOURS without even a cry or a whimper. To some, waking up two times may not be cause for the parade I am ready to throw, but this was all done in the crib of she who shall not be named and not in mommy’s bed. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Sound the alarms! Get the fireworks ready! Please God let this be a continuing trend!

Somebody also happened to get their first tooth on their 6 month birthday, and get her ears pierced the day after. So we’re growing up here people, and grown ups sleep. Somebody is also getting their 6 month shots today, so I’m really spending the past few days just messing around with her life. 

Somebody’s mother woke up every hour to check the monitor though because we weren’t sure what was happening. We’re not used to a baby who sleeps. BUT WE LIKE IT AND WANT IT TO CONTINUE.  I guess all those sacrifices I made to the sleep gods worked. 
In a completely unrelated topic, Eric and I watched the first half hour of the VMA’s last night and all I have to say is what the actual fuck?  Either I got old and irrelevant or the people they have at these award shows now are just WEIRD. I literally had no idea who anyone was except for Taylor Swift and a few others, Miley Cyrus makes me REALLY uncomfortable and I miss the days of the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.  Charlotte is not going to grow up watching Miley Cyrus wearing silver tape on her boobs when she can watch Britney Spears doing I’m A Slave 4 You instead. 

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