So Charlie girl hit a big milestone on her half birthday by having her first tooth pop on out.  I was so excited, mostly because she was a giant cranky beast the entire day before and now we have a little relief until the rest of them come out.  I told everyone she got a tooth immediately, of course.  Nothing is confirmed true until it is on Facebook.  Such is life in 2015.

I wasn’t aware that getting your first tooth warrants you money, but oh, it does.  Charlotte made $60 off her first tooth.  I know it took a while for that sucker to come out, but doesn’t $60 seem a bit high for a six month old?  My mom and both of my grandmas handed over 20 bucks a pop to the little lady.  I was also told that because I found her first tooth I need to buy her first pair of walking shoes, so she’s getting shoes in the future out of this deal too.  This is in addition to the twenty here and there she gets from my grandma, the entire wardrobe that was purchased for her by my mom and kept at her house so I never have to bring anything over, and all of the random toys she gets, just because.  I remember when I would go over my grandparents house and get money “for lunch.”  I loved all of that lunch money.  Now Charlotte gets it all.  Hey grandma, I still eat lunch!!  I still need that money!  I’m just kidding.  (No I’m not.)  I obviously want Charlotte to get everything before I do because now I am a mother and she should get the lunch money over me.  Even though I AM her lunch.  So I should still get the lunch money if you want to get all technical about it.  Which I don’t, because I am now a selfless human being since I am a mother.  Anyway, She’s got herself a nice little bank account and she doesn’t even do anything yet.  What a lucky little girl she is.  She is so loved.  I go to work every day and I don’t know where all of my money goes.  Probably to the MTA and Con Ed electric bills.  I hate being a grown up.

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