If any of you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my stories from last night where Charlotte received the Burger Mania game shes been after and the subsequent meltdown over the game.  If you haven’t, I’ll set the scene.

Charlotte has been asking for this Burger Mania game for weeks and weeks and weeks.  I looked it up on Amazon and it wasn’t terribly expensive, so I told her I would order it for her as a back to school present.  She isn’t back to school yet, and back to school presents aren’t a thing, but I still feel like I need to justify buying her things so she doesn’t turn into a spoiled brat, so here we are.  Anyway, we ordered it and Amazon promised it would arrive by August 30.  Of course there was a problem with the shipment, and it did NOT arrive by August 30, and after many, many chats with Amazon I had to just reorder the dumb game and it finally arrived last night.  Charlotte was actually screaming with glee when she opened it and, at this point, even I was excited to play it.

The premise of this game is simple enough.  You set up all of the burger ingredients and pick a card that explains the way to build your burger.  You use tweezers to put the ingredients on a conveyor belt and you have to complete your burger and put it on the plate before the conveyor belt knocks it off.  You can’t use your hands and you can’t drop ingredients.  Simple enough, right?

WRONG.  This game was impossible, even for me and Eric.  The conveyor belt is too fast even on its slowest speed, the tweezers get stuck as you’re trying to use them and it’s almost impossible to get the burger on the plate without dropping it.  After a half an hour I was able to get 3 burgers done poorly, much to Charlotte’s chagrin.  There was so much screaming and crying.  SO. MUCH.  I told her there was a reason it says 6 and up and that it’s hard for adults too.  I told her she has to practice to get better and thought maybe this game could be a good learning experience.  She cried all the way to the bath and kept saying “I AM SO DISAPPOINTED” over and over.  What a fail.

Eric sent me a picture this morning of burger mania set up – Charlotte has decided to wants to play it, but she’s going to cheat and use her hands the entire time.

Learning experience, indeed.

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