Charlotte “graduated” gymnastics yesterday.  I use the term graduate loosely, because it was basically just a cute ceremony for the kids to show the parents what they’ve learned over the year, or in our case, to watch our kid cry for 20 minutes.

Charlotte didn’t want to do anything at first.  She kept crying because she wanted Eric inside the class, which is something she never does anymore so that was fun.  Then when she saw they were giving out medals we finally got her to sit with the kids and she actually did her little routine with a smile.  After every little routine she would look up at us and give us the biggest smile.  It was so heart warming to see.  She isn’t great at everything, but she is definitely better than she was a year ago and she can rock her tumble like no one’s business.  She got her medal and it was honestly the cutest thing ever.

And then it was time to take a group picture and she was NOT about that.  She refused, she cried, she screamed.  And then, even though there was still 20 minutes left of class, she didn’t stop.  FULL. BLOWN. MELTDOWN.  It was terrible.  It was one of those moments where you immediately start sweating and thing everyone is judging you.  Someone had the green hula hoop and that set her off even more.  She refused to go back inside the classroom and Eric and I were so embarrassed and disgusted by the whole thing we left.  I wanted to cry myself.  It kind of ruined the entire experience.

But after some time went by I realized she did the part she was there to do.  She smiled, she was happy and we were proud of her, and that was the point, right?  So even though her fit made me crazy and mad and upset, she still made me proud.

And anyway, she is nothing if not consistent with her class pictures.  Can’t wait to see how school goes in September…


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