I’ve climbed out of my black hole of misery and self pity because I think Jesus himself read my blog post yesterday and sensed my desperation because Charlie girl went to sleep last night in under 10 minutes and I didn’t need to do anything different! Except I gave her Motrin in the bathtub.  So maybe the answer is drugs?  Drugs sound good.

So now I can focus on the good and funny things again.  Because Charlotte is really getting funnier every day.  The very first thing she does when I come home from work is say “mama come here” because she wants me to pick her up, except she pronounces here like HEA and sounds like a mini Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.  Then she grabs both of my ear lobes and demands that I take my earrings out.  She has finally moved on from grabbing my nipples and now focuses solely on my ears!  It is a wondrous occasion!! I actually don’t remember the last time she went for my boobs.  My nipples are really and truly free!  Too bad I have pancake boobs now.  Thanks a lot breastfeeding.  Anyway, I take my sunglasses off when I get in the house and she looks at me and goes “mama where your glasses?”  Except where is pronounced whea.  Again, little Marisa Tomei.  I then have to put my glasses back on so she can stick her fingers underneath them and try to poke my eyes.  We do this for about 5 whole minutes.  She thinks it is hilarious.  Kids are weird.

Also, the other night in the bathtub she started to point to her belly button and stick her finger in it excitedly, except she calls it a belly bunny.  I almost died.  I said where is your belly button and she goes “RIGHT THEA!” (do you see a pattern here?) and then says THEA BELLY BUNNY!  I have a video of it but unfortunately her vagina is in it, because we were in the bathtub, and I don’t want to put that on the internet.  I’ve got to try to get a video of it with all of her clothes on.  Which is hard to do considering the child likes to have nothing on most of the time.  I can’t really blame her though considering we just went from 54 degrees to Satan’s asshole in a span of 3 days and it’s too hot for clothes.

Thanks for always reading my rants, my cries and my mindless chatter and coming to my rescue with advice and a shoulder to cry on.  You guys are the best.


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