Now that Charlie girl is more of a actual person and less of a baby blob, we can actually do things together, like play outside and sit and play with her toys.  It’s really quite fun to watch her run around the grass or figure out how to do a puzzle and curb stomp her stuffed animals like a violent dictator.  But I have a confession to make, and it may not be popular opinion, but here goes.

After about 15 minutes (OK, maybe even less time than that) playing with my kid gets boring as fuck.

I know, I KNOW that is terrible to say.  But it’s true!  How many times can I watch her pick up a ball and throw it outside over and over and over AND OVER until I get a bit antsy?  It’s so cute the first time.  It’s funny the second time.  The third time I feel comfortable taking out my phone and snapping a picture or video.  The fourth time I’m glancing at the time on my phone to see how long this has been going on for.  The fifth time I’m ready to start reading a book.  And playing with toys in the house is the same exact thing.  It’s very monotonous and to be perfectly honest she’s terrible at playing.  She’ll do the puzzle right one time and then the next 20 times she’s just throwing the pieces at my face, because she’s violent.

I totally understand that playing with Charlotte is crucial to her development and all of that.  It’s how she learns and how she expresses herself (which makes the throwing of things at the face a little concerning, but whatever) and it’s her right as a tiny human to play her heart out.  But nobody said I have to like it.  And I don’t always like it.  This is how I know I couldn’t be a stay at home mom.  Because if I had to sit in my house on a rainy day and do nothing but play the bullshit games she likes to play right now, I’d lose my fucking mind.  LOSE IT.  I’m the worst, I know.

I’m sure it will get better and there will be more fun times ahead and I don’t, by any means, hate playing with my daughter.  I do it every single day and some days I am cracking up at her antics.  And whatever we are doing has to be working because she’s saying new words almost daily (thanks iPad learning games! Technology for the win bitchesssss) and she seems to know how to use certain toys in the correct way now and not just chew them, so that’s always a check mark in the pro column of life.

It will definitely be super fun when we can do things like play tea party and I can drink prosecco from my tea cup.  Mommy’s tea is special, Charlotte.  That’s exactly what I’ll say.

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