I had forgotten how much fun the age of almost 3 is. The conversations I have with Mackenzie now are longer, the words are more intelligible and she is just so darn funny. She can still turn into a pint sized demon at the drop of a hat but for the most part she keeps us in stitches day in and day out. It’s hard to convey how funny she is in writing because it’s really *her little voice* that makes everything perfect, but here are a few examples of life lately with Mackenzie Mae.

She loves to try my iced coffee in the mornings. The other day she took a sip and looked me dead in the eyes and said: “not good mommy. Needs more cream.” I put a little more cream in it and she took another sip and said “that’s better! so yummy!”

She loves playing Roblox with Charlotte and sits on the couch with her screaming JOIN ME! JOIN ME! to anyone in the vicinity. She thinks everyone has Roblox on their phone. It’s actually a little scary how good she is at the mazes in the game. She has no problem using the correct controls and every time I try to play I mess it all up.

She responds to just about everything with “oh thank you!!” I was on my way out the door this morning to go to work and she said “you gonna work on your ‘puter?” I told her yes and that I’d be home later and she shouts “OH THANK YOU!” We’re still working on saying please instead of the “GIVE IT TO ME NOW” which is less funny and more bratty, but we’ll get there.

Now that the weather is nicer she wants to be outside 24/7. Whether it’s the backyard, the front steps or for a walk in the stroller, which she calls her “holla.” The other night we were sitting on the couch on the deck and the birds were being very loud. She stood up, put her fist up to the sky and shouted “SHUSH YOUR MOUTH BIRDS! NO LOUD NOISES! NO LOUD FLYING!” But then she made it weird and said “come down here and I hold you.” Nobody is holding birds in our house thank you very much.

She is starting to have nightmares so every night I take an aromatic room spray and tell her that it’s bad dream magic spray. She stands in the middle of the room while I spray it around and she whispers “abba abba abba boo” which is her version of bibbidi bobbidi boo.” It works most nights! Except for when it doesn’t and she wakes up screaming for me and then lays in my bed across my chest like a weighted blanket nobody asked for. Please stay in your crib until you are 21 years old.

She is still talking about Disney and her “hotel house.” Yesterday she got very serious and said: “mommy I have good idea. We go to Disney Sunday so I show you my hotel house.” If you ask her what she is doing on Sunday she tells you that she’s showing mommy the hotel house. She’s going to be very disappointed on Sunday.

I can’t believe she’s thiiiiis close to being 3. I blinked and the babyhood is GONE. I look at Charlotte who looks more and more like a teenager every day and I know Mackenzie will be there sooner than I’d like and then Charlotte really WILL be a teenager and oh god am I in for it. But I just love them so, so, so much and I think the nicer weather is making me realize I am not such a hateful creature and I really just needed some sunshine and some open windows and a breeze.

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