That is the question!

Mackenzie is a little over 3 months until she is 3 years old and she is still sleeping in a crib. I know that Charlotte already had a toddler bed at this point – not that she EVER slept in it – so if I am going by how I did things with the first I’d be converting her crib by now. My question is, do you really need to take your kid out of the crib if they actually like it? Mackenzie has never once tried to climb out (let’s hope I’m not jinxing that by writing it down) while her sister used to launch herself over the edge like a ninja on speed. She genuinely seems to enjoy going to bed, except for the last week or so where she has decided to scream for 10 minutes before finally giving up and laying down, but I’ll attribute that to the cold she’s had. She sleeps all night (even though she has been waking up at like 5:30 AM, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS) and she sleeps well. So do I really need to think about changing things up? My gut says no and to just let her sleep there until she shows some sign of wanting a bed. I have the toddler bed rail waiting in the garage for her so it would be an easy set up but I’m thinking not such an easy transition? I don’t really need to bring any more difficulties to my days, so even though she is on her way to school in September I kind of feel perfectly comfortable leaving her in a crib until she protests otherwise. I think I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. Or sleeping kids.

Charlotte on the other hand is still a giant pain in my ass. My dad and I built that loft bed for her, she slept in it the first night and then last night she made me lay up there with her for almost 2 hours and then didn’t go to sleep and then cried like an infant and then ended up in my bed anyway while I yelled at her and let her fall asleep silently weeping so now I feel like a shit mother. But I am tireddddddddd of her sleeping nonsense. It has been almost 8 years of this crap. You’d think by now she’d just, oh, I don’t know, lay down and go the F to sleep? I think I’m going to give her melatonin tonight because I am tired and over it. Too bad I can’t stick her in a crib anymore like Mackenzie.

11 days until we’re off to Vegas and I don’t have to worry about these annoyances for 5 nights. Praise be to God.

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  1. My son Mark climbed out of the crib at 9 mos. I took the wheels off the crib, left the side down and put pillows all around the crib. He came to my bed every night for 7 years until I made him sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor! However, Michael never climbed out of the crib…he had a fear of heights…who knew! He stayed in his crib till he was over 3. When he finally decided to sleep in the bottom bunk bed, that’s when I took the crib down. So, let sleeping dogs lie! I haven’t seen you talk about Charlotte in a while, so I thought your sleeping woes were done! good luck!


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