This is such a sweet spot of an age with Mackenzie that I can’t help but write about it. She is such a little chatterbox and she is so sweet and affectionate and I wish I could stop time for a bit to be able to enjoy all of this before it leaves too soon. Every day she talks about how much she loves us and how we are all her best friends. She thinks Charlotte’s two besties are her best friends too, and if you tell her differently she screams NO! MINE BEST FRIENDS! Whenever I leave her presence, whether it is to go to work or just to put her to bed, she demands a hug and a kiss multiple times. She is obsessed with Charlotte and always wants to wake her up every morning. She wants to talk to her constantly (even if Charlotte isn’t reciprocating) and will just chant “Char-yit, Char-yit” until she gets an answer. She loves to play with her Peppa Pig house and her Barbies and she always wants you to sit and play with her. “Hiiiii, how you doin?” is how she starts off every play interaction, like a little Joey Tribbiani. She talks to people whenever we go out and she always wants to runs errands with me. Yesterday at the supermarket she was telling the cashier about how she has bad dreams about Oogie Boogie at night and as we left she’s shouting and waving to her saying “bye! Have good day!” She is always asking if you are happy and she seems genuinely concerned if you say no. Charlotte has been sick the last few days and every morning she asks her if she feels better. There is just such a caring side to her personality that Charlotte didn’t have. Not that Charlotte doesn’t care about people, but she doesn’t show it in the same way Mackenzie does. When Charlotte does entertain her demands they love to dance together and she is always trying to copy Charlotte’s gymnastics moves. She is probably the most excited for Charlotte’s birthday and will tell you that she is IN the party. “I in it! I in it!”

I just know that this phase will leave sooner than I’d like. I look at Charlotte who is almost 8 (how?!) and I feel like I can barely remember her at Mackenzie’s age. It really goes just too damn fast. So I’ll soak in all of the “I luff you mommy” moments, enjoy the cuddles and the playtime and pray for time to stand still just a little longer.

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