Charlotte had career day at school this week and one of the projects she had over the winter break was to make a doll with the career she wanted to have and write a little note about it. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and her response was “I want to be a billionaire who gets to sleep whenever I want.” Now this is great for two reasons. 1) That she, the child who would take 7 minute naps and wake up for the day at 3:30 AM screaming “LIGHTS ON” would add sleeping to her preferred career requirements and 2) that she went right for monetary wishes over an actual career. I mean more power to the child for wanting to becoming a billionaire and I hope she achieves that goal, but we couldn’t decorate a doll as a billionaire as a career choice without just slapping a photo of Elon Musk’s face on the front. I asked her how she thought she could become a billionaire and she said “whatever it takes to get me there.” After much back and forth over how we would complete this project she settled for make-up artist because she is really into doing make-up and we also had enough stickers at home to complete the project without taking a trip to Michael’s.

We only had some blue yarn to make the hair and while her doll was looking a bit bald she was happy with the blue because that’s the hair color she wants in real life. I think she did a pretty cute job on it. When I packed it into her bookbag she told me that while she likes makeup, she in no way wants to become a makeup artist and still wants to be a billionaire who sleeps. Sky’s the limit?

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