Welcome to 2023, where one of my resolutions is to write more because I have been slacking so hard as of late. We made it through the madness of the holiday season and everyone had a lovely time. Charlotte woke up at 1 AM on Christmas morning and came into our room to ask if it was time. She then continued to wake up every hour or so before launching herself out of bed at 6 AM and going in to wake up Mackenzie. Santa had left snowy footprints in our house leading up to the tree and his milk and cookies and Charlotte’s eyes were bulging out of her head. Mackenzie cried “wash it! wash it!” over and over until I mopped the floors before we opened presents. They were so happy together, each taking turns opening gifts, Charlotte helping Mackenzie with the wrapping paper. I want to bottle these moments up forever.

Now that Christmas has ended Charlotte is reminding me every day how many days away her birthday is, as if I’d forget. I can’t believe I’m going to have an 8 year old soon. How is that even possible?? She really wants a loft bed from IKEA and since Santa didn’t bring it I guess we’re going to have to get it for the birthday. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees. She is doing really well in school even though she complains about her homework every single day.

Mackenzie is the cutest kid I know. I know I am her mother and I’m biased, but I really can’t stand how cute she is. She talks up a storm and the way she says words crack me up. She still has a slight British accent because of her obsession with Peppa Pig. Every day she says “mommy I lufff youuuuu” in the sweetest way imaginable. If I leave the room she shouts that she misses me and demands hugs and kisses. She is so affectionate and always wants to cuddle and be smothered in kisses, all of which I am happy to oblige. She has a real temper though, and hell hath no fury like a Mackenzie scorned. She still doesn’t want to potty train at all. In fact, she’ll only ask to sit on the toilet before a bath and that is only so she can pretend to go to the bathroom instead of getting in the tub. Bathing Mackenzie is like bathing a cat. It never goes well and someone is getting scratched and water will be everywhere. She loves her sister so much and is always asking her to play with her or hug her and I just melt. They do fight though, and Mackenzie is usually the one throwing punches as Charlotte screams in her face. It’s very loud in my house – so loud that my Apple watch is usually telling me the sound levels are unsafe.

I have been an absolute demon of gluttony these past few weeks, so I’m focusing on getting my health back on track. I’m trying Dry January and restarted my favorite Barre workout program and am just generally trying not to eat 4 servings of burrata in one sitting. Did you know the serving size of burrata is 1/4 of a ball? News to me. Who can just eat 1/4 of the ball? I hate portion sizes. If eating an entire ball of burrata at once is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Eric and I celebrate 10 years of marriage this year, which is wild to say the least. We are going to Vegas to celebrate with our BFFs and I cannot wait. My kids won’t miss me though because Nonna and Pa are taking them to Disney the same time. My mom said she’d rather watch them in Disney World than sit in my house and watch them and I don’t fault her logic there. Charlotte has no idea she is going and I don’t think we’re going to tell her until the night before. She keeps complaining that she hasn’t been back and how badly she wants to go. She has no idea how lucky she is that she’s already been there like 4 times! She’s going to lose her mind when we tell her. Mackenzie will too but she doesn’t understand it like Char does.

Here is to a happy and a healthy new year – I hope 2023 treats everyone right!

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