1. She asked for macaroni so I gave her macaroni.
  2. She asked for cream cheese on toast so I gave her cream cheese on toast.
  3. She doesn’t want a wet diaper on but doesn’t want a diaper change or to attempt potty training.
  4. It’s nap time.
  5. It’s bed time.
  6. It’s mommy goes to work time.
  7. It’s mommy has to pee time.
  8. She wants to go into the pool but doesn’t want anyone other than me to go in the pool with her even though we have a pool large enough for like, 50 people.
  9. She broke a crayon and I can’t put the top of it back on for her.
  10. Her sister touched me in passing.

I really forgot how terrible the terrible twos are. Jesus take the wheel.

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