Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything. That’s not for lack of material but lack of time or mental capacity to do so. Mackenzie is capital T Terrible Two. When I am at home the kid is on me like white on rice and does not leave me alone for anything. It is a constant battle of UPPIE UPPIE, where she climbs my body until I hold her all day long, and then meltdown city over the smallest things. Yesterday she had an absolute stroke because the coffee box had a donut on the outside and she thought there were donuts on the inside and when there were only k-cups she lost her mind. You never know when she will be set off. I try to discipline her but how do you discipline a two year old? Charlotte made her a time out corner once and that lasted all of 3 seconds. She tried to block her in with box covers but it didn’t work. Charlotte suggested a dog crate and I’m no longer opposed to the idea.

We went on “vacation” last week. Mackenzie continued her trend of not sleeping anywhere that isn’t her home. She was up ALL NIGHT the first night, which meant I was up all night, which meant everyone was cranky and tired and it was a bad time. Was there fun had? Sure. Am I running out the door for another “vacation” any time soon? Absolutely not. I am a firm believer that there is absolutely no such thing as vacation with kids until they get older. When they are little it is just parenting in a different setting. Everything is the same, except you’re spending more money and trying to do fun things even though you are hot and tired and miserable. At least at home I am likely to spend less money.

Charlotte finished first grade last week (what?!) and has never been happier. She was on the Principal’s List and got the Oreo Award for being sweet on the inside and the outside so we wee very proud of her. The day she got home from her last day of school she asked me if she could do all of her summer work “to get it over with.” She started camp yesterday and had a great time. She only goes 3 days a week for 3 hours but I think that’s just enough for her. I came back to work today and she video chatted me 3 times asking when it was time for camp, so I guess that’s a good sign. She made a bracelet yesterday and told me to bring it to work so that “you never forget me.” Which is super sweet but also how could I ever forget her??? I’ll tell you what though, getting back on that Express Bus this morning felt more like a vacation than my time off work. There was nothing but my music and my book. Absolute peace. Absolute joy. I love my kids but hot damn did I need a break from them.

I hope everyone out there is having a great summer so far. We are so busy the next few weekends but with all good things. It feels like once the 4th of July passes summer just flies on by.

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