Dear Mackenzie,

Today you are two! We have been asking you every day, how old is Mackenzie going to be? And you would happily respond with “DOOOO” and the day is here! These two years have gone by in an instant. It feels like yesterday you were a tiny baby and now you’re running and jumping and swimming and saying new words every day. It is so fun to watch you grow and see your personality shine through. You are so very funny and always manage to get a laugh out of everyone around you. You love to march around the house, dance to Lizzo or stand by the back door and scream “aaahh pooolllll” over and over until someone takes you into the water. You have a temper and you’re stubborn, but you’re my daughter so I guess that’s to be expected. You are incredibly sweet and loving and your big squeezes and kisses are the best part of my day. You could be nicer to your sister so we will work on that this year. Just a little less screaming in her face and a little more loving, ok?

You are the perfect person to complete our family. We love you so much our Kenzie girl. Happy birthday baby! Today we will go for ice cream and pizza and Starbucks, all your favorite things! We love you forever and ever and ever our sweet, silly, curly haired baby girl.

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