1. Her Peppa Pig figure wouldn’t sit on top of any of her other animal figures the way she wanted it to sit. So she threw them across the room, threw herself on the floor and cried for 5 minutes straight.
  2. Her sister is eating. Doesn’t matter what she is eating, the second she sees Charlotte with food she throws a fit and wants to eat it. She takes her toast for breakfast every morning. She took her spaghetti and her watermelon last night. She doesn’t even want her own she just wants Charlotte’s. Last night Mackenzie AND Charlotte were crying over spaghetti. It is madness.
  3. She no longer wants the faucet on when she takes a bath, or any bath toys, or any water poured on her. She also does not want me to wash her, she wants to wash herself. This would be good if she knew how to wash herself, but considering her washing routine only includes her shouting “bup” (soap) and “geet” (feet) and then slapping the wash cloth around, I still have to wash her as she screams at me.
  4. I won’t let her stand on top of her table or her chairs, or the dining room table or the dining room chairs. I won’t let her walk up or down the steps by herself. I also won’t allow her to stay upstairs alone (how cruel of me, am I right?). The kid throws a fit every time.
  5. I gave her an apple when she asked for an apple. And then I wouldn’t let her eat the apple skin out of the garbage.
  6. I try to brush her hair at any time.
  7. I don’t allow her to run up to every dog she sees and assault them.
  8. Her iPad doesn’t understand what she wants when she hits the microphone to search for a video. She screams NEIGH NEIGH for horse and the iPad thinks she means “nae nae” which just shows videos of children dancing and not horse races which she has become obsessed with. She will also shout mama or dada thinking she will see videos of me and Eric, which also doesn’t work. Meltdown city.
  9. Alexa also doesn’t understand what she wants. When she wants ring a round the rosie she just screams DOWN at the Echo which obviously does nothing. Then she ends up screaming and hitting her head on the floor, which is the natural toddler reaction to not getting what you want.
  10. Any time Charlotte shows me any affection. Charlotte can only touch me during nap hours or bedtime hours. We’re on a strict schedule of hugging at those times only.

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