I feel like, most of the time, Charlotte and Mackenzie’s age difference really works in my favor. The 5 year difference was a huge help when Mackenzie was first born, because Charlotte was old enough to understand that I couldn’t always be the one to help her with things and she also understood that she could help ME with things. She has always been a pro at getting clothes or diapers or whatever I asked of her. Now that both of them are older I can ask her to sit and play with her sister while I run downstairs to get the laundry or take two seconds to go to the bathroom. Sometimes these quick jaunts end in “MOMMMM SHE’S STANDING ON A CHAIR” and I have to race back like Mario Andretti, but for the most part she is very good with her sister. She helps me give her a bath, she helps me change her diaper and even tries to get her ready for bed all on her own. It’s like having a little mini built in babysitter that I can trust with small tasks. It’s been great!

But then there is Mackenzie. And Mackenzie is a BRAT. And lately, whenever Charlotte comes over to me for a hug or a squeeze or ANYTHING, Mackenzie loses her freaking mind and attacks her sister. Charlotte will usually laugh it off but lately Mackenzie has been getting nastier with her. Charlotte will come over to hug me when Mackenzie isn’t paying attention to avoid her wrath, but she always knows. She will throw her toys across the room and race over to us screaming NO NO NO and then physically push Charlotte away and pull her hair and slap her. Yesterday Charlotte was in her feelings and Mackenzie did this to her and she lost. it. Ran from the room hysterical crying saying “Mackenzie gets you all the time! I never get you ever! She always hits me when I hug you! I wish she wasn’t here!” I honestly felt so bad for her. So I put Mackenzie on the floor and let her lose her mind while I hugged Charlotte. Sometimes I forget that even though she is a big kid now (10 days until she is 7, WHAT?!) she still needs to be loved on just as much as her sister does. Mackenzie just needs to find a better way to deal with her jealousy. I guess good luck to me on that front.

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