It has been so long since I last sat down to write. Life has really gotten in the way of documenting, well, life!

Since I last wrote we’ve celebrated Christmas (if you can call it celebrating since we had to cancel our plans), and then we all got COVID! We ushered in 2022 with the Rona. What a time. I feel like everyone had COVID between Christmas and New Years and hopefully we are all on to better days but 2022 is pronounced 2020-too so I doubt it. Nothing has changed! Hooray!

I wish I could have videotaped Charlotte’s reaction to a COVID positive test. She didn’t want to take the test, then when it came up positive she started screaming and crying and then she called all of her friends to say “I’ve got the COVID!!!” She was perfectly fine except for a low fever for a day. She spent a lot of time on the couch for her winter break, but then again what else would we have done? It’s not like we can go anywhere. Eric and I got hit next and Mackenzie last, but in less than a week we were all better. I’m honestly glad to have gotten it over with.

Charlotte is doing amazing in school. Her reading continues to impress me and I love reading stories with her. She got a lot of my favorite book series for Christmas even though she “did not ask for these.” I can’t wait to read The Babysitter’s Club with her!

Mackenzie Mae is a true Gemini. She is either the sweetest girl in the land, giving out hugs that are the tightest squeezes ever and giving open mouth kisses. And then a flip will switch and she turns into an absolute menace, taking a plate of food and throwing it across the room like a frisbee. She climbs onto everything she can. Charlotte got gymnastics mats for Christmas and the runs up the wedge mat and tries to throw herself off of it like she is on a slide. I cannot turn my back on her for a second. She climbs the freezer to get inside the fridge or climbs the dining room chair to get onto the table. It never ends!

She is constantly babbling, with more and more words being intelligible. Her favorites are NO NO MAMA and COOKIE. She opens the snack cabinet and takes out the entire container of Chips Ahoy and helps herself while shouting COOKIE! She loves to play with puzzles and make animal sounds. Her favorite song is We Don’t Talk About Bruno, which is also America’s favorite song. We have watched Encanto about 45 times. We regret nothing.

Charlotte and Mackenzie will actually sit and play together for a bit now. It’s nice to get a second and watch them, but someone always ends up hitting someone else and I’m sure that will get worse as the years go on. There is daily screaming in this house about how “I wish Mackenzie was with another family! I wish I was with another family!” Honestly sometimes I wish I was alone on an island so I get it. I GET IT.

The world may continue to be a raging dumpster fire but the kids are good. They’re happy (for the most part) and there are always good parts to these loooong days. They keep me laughing and smiling. At the end of the day, life is good.

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