Hello! Is anyone out there? It’s been so long since I’ve written anything and so much has happened but I just haven’t had the time to sit down properly and write. I can’t believe Christmas is in 5 days and the year is almost over. Even though right now feels almost exactly like March of 2020 with City MD lines longer than TSA lines and Omicron the Great surging through the city. What a TIME. I don’t want to talk about COVID though, mostly because everyone I know has it or will probably have it in the near future. Fingers crossed 2022 is better? 2020 two? HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Anyway, let’s dive in to my children and our lives since this what this little blog is all about. Since I’ve lost written we took our first vacation to Disney. Honestly, if we made it out of Florida without COVID I am kind of hoping our bodies are armors against this thing. As different as everything was it was so nice to get away for a week and enjoy some warmer weather and fun. The plane rides were tolerable – Mackenzie slept for take off and then stayed awake for basically the entire flight – but she didn’t scream or cry or throw a fit. It was pretty good! She was NOT a fan of her sleeping arrangements in Disney. I can’t blame her though. She went from a crib in her bedroom to a pack and play in a bathroom. But there was no other option for her and since she absolutely refuses to sleep with me like Charlotte used to we pretty much didn’t get a lot of rest for the entire trip. But her attitude most of the time was fantastic. For someone who missed her usual naps and her routine she really was a pleasure. She wasn’t the biggest fan of the rides she could go on, but she sure liked all of the Disney ice cream. She loved the kiddie pool at the hotel and running around the room with her Mickey balloon and bubbles. The trip really wasn’t for her though. Charlotte went into this vacation with all of the excitement a six year old could have. She was sooooo ready. She had the BEST time. To this day she still says, “I wish we were still in Disney.” She has absolutely no fear when it comes to rides. Our first day in the Magic Kingdom she wanted to go straight the Space Mountain. She was ready to ride the roller coasters! When I was her age I was petrified of Space Mountain. I couldn’t even go inside the building without freaking out. Charlotte just walked in, went on and told me she didn’t like it because it was dark and bumpy. Not a tear! She continued to go on other roller coasters all week and also went on Tower of Terror without blinking an eye, which is another ride that always scared the crap out of me. She also said she didn’t like that one but really did not make a fuss. “It made my belly shake.” And that was that. She amazes me.

We also have visited Santa, and Mackenzie lost her mind. She is now petrified of any Santa, anywhere, whether real or decoration. I have a Santa hanging on my back door and she made me put the curtain over it. She won’t watch Santa on TV or in a book. It’s crazy. But I guess it makes sense since she is so absolutely attached to me that you would think we shared a body most days and I just went ahead and threw her on the guy’s lap. I scarred her for sure, but I got the best picture out of it!

I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy holiday. I am hopeful Christmas will be a distraction from everything going on in the world. Let’s all turn off the news, turn on The Santa Clause and have some cookies! Merry, merry!

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