It’s no secret I am a not a fan of the end of daylight savings time. I don’t understand why it’s still a thing or why we have to do it. It makes me absolutely insane. It was horrible with Charlotte because she used to wake up at 3 AM but Mackenzie isn’t much better. It’s like the clocks changed and she went absolutely haywire. She refused to take a nap yesterday and then woke up at 10:30 PM screaming like a lunatic, woke me and her sister up, and sent me into a rage spiral. Charlotte came up to bed with me and basically slept on top of my body, and I had to play music to drown out the sounds of the other one. As I lay there and the clock crept closer to midnight, all I could think about was how much I miss sleeping like I used to before kids. That extra hour back then was everything. Now it is just an anxiety inducing mess. I miss the days of getting in bed and watching TV or reading a book without having to worry about someone waking up and crying or creeping up the stairs to take away my covers, my blanket, and my will to live. I miss the days of laying there after waking up for the day without having to get up and get children ready. I miss the carefree days of sleep so, so much. The end of daylight savings always triggers those feelings for me. It’s bad enough that it has to be dark at 4 PM, I don’t need to start my day at 4:45 AM like I did today with a baby who is already demanding to do things and I have to get ready for a day of work. I HATE IT. I’m over it. IT’S UNFAIR. I wish we could start some sort of petition to abolish this nonsense. Just LEAVE US ALONEEEEEE. Nobody wants or needs an extra hour with their kids, I’ll tell ya that much!

If she wakes up again tonight I’m putting in ear plugs and refusing to get out of bed until my alarm goes off. I’m done, Mackenzie. You will not win. You are the second born and I learned the hard way with your older sister. Game. Over.

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