Hello my friends! I’m writing this around 6 AM, having been awake for roughly an hour but refusing to get out of bed. Mackenzie has started to wake up for her day at 5 and I’ve decided she can sit in her crib and cry until there is some light outside because 5 is too early. Mackenzie has taken a page out of her sister’s sleep book lately, with constant wake ups and early risings. BUT! I think it is because this whole using two feet to walk and not scoot around on the floor like a gorilla has started to click for her. I think all of the baby people on the internet say their sleep gets disrupted when they’re learning to walk, right? I’ve actually given up looking up anything baby sleep related because my children do what they want when they want when it comes to sleeping and that’s just the way this cookie crumbles.

Anyway, Mackenzie has realized she can stand up and go, and what a time it is. She is still scooting 90% of the time, but that other 10% she is wobbling around like a drunken sorority girl on her way home from the bar. She likes to stare at her feet as she toddles around which obviously leads to her falling over even more. Every time she walks we have to stand close by to make sure she doesn’t go head first into the wall, or a chair, or the couch. And every time Mackenzie stands up on her own she lifts her arm to say hooray and when she falls after walking she claps her hands. Nothing like a kid who is proud of themselves, am I right?

was much easier with Charlotte because she didn’t have nearly as much space as Mackenzie does to roam around. Charlotte really gets a kick out of her walking and will hold her iPad across the room and coax her like a dog. “Here Mackenzie! Come here Mackenzie!” It’s very cute.

Speaking of Charlotte, she is SO excited to go back to school on Monday. Her backpack is already packed and her first day outfit has been chosen and set up since yesterday. She has a back to school countdown and every day tells me how many days are left. AS IF I HAVEN’T BEEN COUNTING SINCE JUNE 26. I swear this year better be “normal.” And by that I mean they better not be sent home for remote learning one damn time because I’m NOT DOING IT. Everything will be fine. If I keep saying it maybe it will come true.

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